Glossary of Terms

AE– Above Elbow Prosthesis

AFO– Ankle Foot Orthotic

AK– Above Knee Prosthesis

BE– Below Elbow Prosthesis

BK– Below Knee Prosthesis

CAM Walker– “Controlled Ankle Movement” – foot braces that allow patients to walk even with the most intensive injuries.  Also referred to as a ROM Walker “Range of Motion”

Cervical Collar– Neck Brace

Cervical Spine– 7 vertebrae that make up the spine in the neck region

Cockup Wrist Splint– Wrist Splint

CTLSO– Cervical Thoracic Lumbar Spinal Orthosis

CTO– Cervical Thoracic Orthosis

CVA– Cerebrovascular Accident, commonly known as a stroke, is the abrupt death of brain cells due to lack of oxygen caused by insufficient blood flow to the brain

DAFO– Dorsal Ankle Foot Orthotic

Diabetes– a disease that makes the body unable to process sugars

Doffing – Taking the orthosis or prosthesis off

Donning – Putting the orthosis or prosthesis on

Drop Foot– also known as Foot Drop, is the inability to flex one’s foot due to weakness or paralysis of nerves at the ankle

Edema – Swelling of the tissue

EO– Elbow Orthosis

FO– Foot Orthosis

Functional Level – Degree of function a disabled patient still achieves.

HKAFO- Hip Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis

HO- Hip Orthosis

HO– Hip Orthotic

KAFO- Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis

KO– Knee Orthosis

Liner– a protective cover made of a flexible, cushioning material; reduces movement and chafing between the skin and the socket.

LSO– Lumbar Spinal Orthosis

Lumbar Spine– 5 vertebrae just under the thoracic spine that make up the low back region

Lymphedema– swelling caused by fluid retention in the Lymphatic tissues & Lymph Nodes

Orthotic– Brace

Peripheral Nerves– all nerves outside the brain and spinal cord

Peripheral Neuropathy– Damage of the Peripheral Nerves

PF– Partial Foot Prosthesis

PRAFO–Pressure Relief Ankle Foot Orthotic

Prosthesis– Artificial Limb

Rehabilitation Team – Group of allied health care professionals that frequently includes physician, surgeon, orthotist/prosthetists, physical and occupational therapist, social worker and counselor who serve the needs of a patient

RRD– Rigid Removable Dressing

Shrinker– an elastic sock that is made to control swelling, promote healing and assist in shaping your amputated leg

SO– Shoulder Orthotic

Sock– a sock knitted to fit the shape of the residual limb worn inside the socket, reducing the friction between the residual limb and the socket and replacing lost volume in the socket due to shrinking of the residual limb

Socket – The portion of the prosthesis that is in contact with the residual limb.

Spinal Orthotic– Back Brace

Stroke– see CVA

Syme’s Prosthesis– a prosthesis for an amputation done just above the ankle joint

Thoracic Spine– 12 vertebrae just under the cervical spine that make up the upper and mid back region

Thumb Spica– Hand Brace

TLSO– Thoracic Lumbar Spinal Orthotic

Transfemoral – A type of amputation that occurs above the knee

Transtibial – A type of amputation that occurs below the knee

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